aACE Implementation Strategy


Overview of aACE Implementation Process
Information about the 7 phases of the aACE implementation process.
Step 1: Prepare for aACE Discovery
How to organize a team to prepare for the aACE discovery process.
Step 2: Learn aACE Basics
Resources to help you quickly learn aACE conventions and terminology.
Step 3: Discovery & Your Needs Assessment
Learn more about the aACE Discovery process.
Step 4: Customization & Testing
Learn how we work with you to customize and test your aACE solution.
Step 5: Data Migration
Learn how your existing data can be migrated into your new aACE solution.
Step 6: Go-Live
What to expect when you Go Live with aACE.
Step 7: Ongoing Customizations
Learn how we continue working with you on your aACE solution even after Go Live.