Setting Up NRG

The aACE+ NRG integration offers a full-featured shipping solution. NRG is a FileMaker-based solution that can be customized to ensure your company's shipping workflows are fully accommodated.

To set up your NRG integration, complete the following steps.

Step 1: Purchase NRGShip for FileMaker

Contact NRG to purchase NRGShip for FileMaker. They will work with you to configure the software and implement any required customizations. 

Upon completion, they will provide a set of FileMaker files to be uploaded to your server.

Step 2: Configure aACE

After you have installed the aACE integration file, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log into aACE and navigate to Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management.
  2. In the Integrations section, mark the flag for Shipping Integration, then click the link to Open Settings
  3. In the left panel, click NRG, then mark the flag to Enable NRG.
  4. If you are using NRG's Rating service, mark the flag to Enable Rating.
    Note: Rating allows you to forecast the shipping rate. When you enable this setting, the aACE Order Entry interface includes a button that allows your personnel to query NRG with the order item weights and the shipment destination address. NRG returns a list of highly accurate rates for the courier services you have specified in NRG, enabling your personnel to select the best option.
  5. If you track freight shipping, review the courier services listed in the Freight section and mark the flag for each line that should be handled as freight.
  6. Close the Shipping Integration Settings window.
  7. From the aACE System Preferences module, click Automation Schedules.
  8. Locate and mark the flags for two required schedules:
    • Transmit Shipments
    • Update Shipments from Integrated Shipping
  9. Click Commit Updates.