Setting Up ShipStation

This guide explains how to set up your integration with ShipStation. It is intended for system administrators.

The aACE+ ShipStation integration offers a full-featured shipping solution. With this integration, orders are input and processed in aACE. When an order is ready to ship, the pertinent details are transferred to ShipStation for setting rates and printing labels. When the order is shipped, cost and tracking information is returned to aACE.

To set up your ShipStation integration, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Sign Up for ShipStation

Create a ShipStation account. This service is the interface between aACE and ShipStation. aACE will push data to and receive data from ShipStation.

Step 2: Obtain Your ShipStation Credentials

To link your ShipStation account to your aACE system, you must get an API Key and an API 'Secret'. Use the ShipStation support documentation to obtain these credentials so you can copy and paste them into aACE.

Step 3: Input Credentials into aACE

After you have installed the aACE integration file, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log into aACE and navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management.
  2. In the Integrations section, mark the flag to enable the Shipping Integration.
  3. On the Shipping Integration line, click Open Settings
  4. At the Shipping Integration module, click ShipStation in the left pane.
  5. Mark the flag to Enable ShipStation.
  6. Paste your API Key and API Secret into the correct fields.
  7. Click Commit Updates.

Step 4: Test Your aACE+ ShipStation Integration

After you have set up your aACE+ ShipStation integration, create a test order and follow these steps to verify the shipping integration is working correctly:

  1. Navigate from Main Menu > Order Management > Shipping Log, then locate a Pending shipment.
  2. At the detail view, click Actions > Transmit Shipment.
  3. At the confirmation dialog, click Transmit.
    aACE displays a confirmation message that shipment transmittal will be processed momentarily on the server. After the automation schedule runs, aACE updates the shipment status to Transmitted. (This means the shipment details have been handed off to ShipStation. You can access your ShipStation account online, but typically this is only needed when troubleshooting a problem.)
  4. Login to your ShipStation account.
  5. Process the shipment (i.e. select the shipping method, enter the price, print the label, etc) and mark it as shipped. 

aACE queries ShipStation for updates based on the frequency of your automation schedules.