Using the aACE Job Shop App

This guide explains how to start work on a job, apply materials, mark tasks as complete, and submit time using the Job Shop app. It is intended for general users.

After your system administrator has configured the Job Shop App, you can use it throughout the work day. For an example of how the app can help your team, read our feature highlight.

You will log into the app using the unique PIN provided by your system administrator. The app displays a list of all open jobs. Selecting a job takes you to the detail view where you can see additional information, such as the job description, a list of tasks, the bill of materials, and any notes.

Note: If your system administrator has customized the Job Shop App, some details in this guide may no longer match your system.

Logging In / Out

On any configured device, type in your PIN and tap Continue.

Each time you complete a work transaction (e.g. starting or completing a task, submitting applied materials, etc), the app uploads data back to the aACE system, then automatically logs you out. You can also close the app without completing a transaction by tapping Logout.

Starting Work on a Job / Task

In the job list, search or scroll to locate the job you want to work on, then tap the job title to review details. Locate the specific task that you want to work on, if applicable, and tap Start. Tapping this button starts your time clock and automatically logs you out (allowing the next team member to immediately log in). Note: Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same job / task.

The Start button appears in several places:

  • Job list view, left-hand column
  • Job detail view, beside the job number
  • Job detail view, Tasks portal, beside the task title

Stopping the Time Clock

You can stop your time clock by tapping the On button next to the job / task that is currently running. This does not log you out of the app, so you can navigate to another assignment to begin.

Marking a Task as Complete

In the Job detail view, the Tasks portal includes the Mark as Complete button. When you tap this button:

  • The task is marked complete in aACE. 
  • If your time clock is currently running on that task, it stops the time clock.
  • The task list remains displayed so you can select another task to begin.

Applying Materials to Jobs

You can apply materials to jobs, which will generate a job cost record and post it to aACE. Locate the job you have started work on, then tap Apply Materials. The Apply Materials button appears in several places:

  • Job list view, top-right corner
  • Job detail view, top-right corner
  • Job detail view, Materials tab

The Apply Materials dialog requires a job, a line item code, and a quantity greater than zero. Optional fields include serial, lot number, inventory reference, and additional notes. A quick method for entering line item codes is to use a Bluetooth scanner attached to the device. If you have a scanner, simply tap Scan Material, then scan the barcode.

After entering information for one material, you can:

  • Apply more materials to this task — tap Submit & Reset Form.
  • Finish applying materials to this task — tap Submit & Close.

When you apply unbudgeted materials at the Materials tab, the information will not show up there instantly. You must logout and the app must sync data with the aACE system. After that sync, you can review all the materials that has been applied.

Submitting Time for the Day

At the end of the day, you can submit your timesheets:

  1. At Job list view, click Timesheet at the bottom.
  2. At the Timesheet screen, review the time you worked on each task.
  3. If needed, enter an explanation comment in the Timesheet Notes field, which your manager can review in aACE.
    Note: Users cannot directly edit their time.
  4. Click Submit Time.

Reviewing and Adjusting Time in aACE

When managers review and approve time, they can edit timesheets as needed:

  1. In aACE, navigate to Internal > Timesheets.
  2. Use the Quick Search bar to locate the team member's timesheet, then click on it.
  3. Review the team member's current time entries, as well as any comments linked to the Notes icon ().
    Note: For additional details, you can hover the mouse pointer over numbers in the Hours column, displaying information about when tasks were started and completed.
  4. If adjustments are needed, click Edit, then update the timesheet.
  5. After reviewing the timesheet, use the Actions menu to proceed:
    • Approve Timesheet
    • Submit Timesheet

Troubleshooting and Customizing the App

If you need to troubleshoot the data or update settings to customize the app for your personal workflows, please refer to the guide for configuring this app.