Importing Updates to Your Line Item Codes

You can use aACE's robust import features to update information on your line item codes (LICs). Using this method, you can:

  • Update pricing data, such as adjusting costs, rates, and commissions for your products (Note: For enhanced flexibility on rates and rate structures, you can also leverage rate cards.)
  • Update line item physical specifications, such as dimensions and weights
  • Update one, several, or all related LIC values. (For example, if you want to only adjust unit costs on your LICs, only enter new information for that columns, leaving the other columns empty.) 

Import Updates to LIC Values

Before you import updates to your LICs, be sure you understand the general process for importing records.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Order Setup > Line Item Codes.
  2. Use the Quick Search bar to display the desired LICs in the list.
  3. Based on the data you need to update, in the menu bar, click Actions:
    • Update Costs, Rates, Commissions for Line Item Codes in List
    • Update Product Specs for Line Item Codes in List
  4. At the confirmation dialog, click the appropriate option:
    • Import — If you already have an Excel or FileMaker spreadsheet with the needed LIC(s) and update information: continue with Step #5.
    • Export — If you do not have a prepared spreadsheet. This will generate a spreadsheet of the currently displayed LIC(s) and their information:
      1. Save the export in Excel or FileMaker format.
      2. Edit the spreadsheet with the needed updates.
        Note: Some spreadsheet editing software will not round by default. If you don't include a rounding instruction in the calculation, your data in aACE may have more decimals than you require. For example, if you need to update all costs by 5%, add a new column called "Rate Value Update" and enter a calculation such as: "Round(Rate Value*1.05,2)".
      3. Begin this process again from Step #1, but this time click Import.
  5. Continue with the steps for the general import process.
    Warning: At the Specify Import Order dialog, setting the import action to "Add" is required. The incoming data is brought in as new records to a cache table. After that stage is complete, the data is transferred to the existing records.

Vendor-specific Updates of Costs, Rates, and Commissions 

The Vendor Code field on an LIC can be useful. Data for this field is not included as a line in the spreadsheets you export because an LIC can have multiple vendors. In addition, because this process focuses on updates, vendors cannot be added to LICs with this method (i.e. the vendor must already be associated with the LIC for vendor-specific updates to work).

However, if you include an existing Vendor Code on the spreadsheet, the information for that specific vendor will be updated on the Vendors tab.