Importing Data


Preparing a Data File for Importing - Read Me First
Introduction to organizing your data files for import into your aACE system.
Data You Can Import into aACE
List of the kinds of information you can easily import into aACE from spreadsheets or using aACE mobile app.
Downloading an Import Template
Steps to prepare an Excel or FileMaker spreadsheet as a template to help import data.
Importing Records
Steps for importing data from a spreadsheet into your aACE system.
Mapping Import Fields by Hand
Guidelines for manually correcting source and target fields when importing data.
Handling Import Validation Errors
Explanation of how the data validation phase of the import process works.
Importing Updates to Your Line Item Codes
Steps for updating information in your line item codes from a spreadsheet of LIC data.
Importing Master Data and Transaction Data
Steps and best practices for importing data about invoices, purchases, and other business transactions.