Resetting Test Transaction Data

This guide explains how to remove all transactions from an aACE test system. It is intended for system administrators.

During the Discovery Process, users will typically work in a test system to explore and learn aACE. When they decide to go-live with aACE, their test system easily becomes the live system. 

This transition often requires importing data from the previous software system. However, the import process can be affected by test transaction data that is linked to various master data records. For example, a GL account that is linked to a test transaction cannot be deleted. This means setting up the new chart of accounts (COA) can't be finished while these test transactions are affecting the system.

To streamline the initial import process, we recommend first removing all test data by resetting transaction data in the system:

  1. Log in to your aACE system as a programmer.
  2. Navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management.
  3. At the Reset Data section, click Reset Transaction Data.
  4. At the confirmation dialog, type "DELETE ALL TRANSACTION DATA" and click Continue.
  5. At the second confirmation dialog, type the same phrase again and click Continue.