Logging In to Programmer Mode

Before making changes to your aACE system, please read the programmer mode disclaimer. Also note that integration modules (e.g. eCommerce or Mobile) are not accessible in programmer mode.

  1. Contact AGIS for the programmer_admin password that has been hard-coded into your system.
  2. Create a User Group for programmer team members.
    This group must have the Data Group set to "programmer_admin". Rather than create the new group from scratch, we recommend duplicating the System Admin group, thus carrying over full access to aACE modules for navigation.
  3. Create a new user specifically for programming and add that user to the programmer user group.
  4. Log in to aACE as the programmer user.
    If you just created the user, the initial password will be the system default and you will be prompted to change it. This password can be the same as or different from the programmer_admin password, depending on how secure you require this accessibility to be.
  5. If your system has been configured to require an additional password, enter the programmer_admin password (provided by AGIS in Step 1).
  6. Navigate to File > Programmer Mode.
  7. At the confirmation dialog, click OK.

Once you are logged into programmer mode, you can navigate to an interface file by launching a module or by using the Show Menu toolbar. You can then access layouts and scripts for programming purposes.