Setting Up Authorize.Net

This guide explains how to set up your integration with Authorize.Net. It is intended for system administrators.

The first step for integrating your aACE system with Authorize.Net (Authorize) is visit their website and sign up to create an Authorize account

For more information on the process, you can read the Authorize documentation on how to get started.


To obtain your credentials, log in to your Authorize account, and navigate to Account > API Credentials & Keys:

  • Login ID — Copy this code. It is persistent, so you can copy it whenever you need.
  • Transaction Key — Generate a new code, then copy it. You must copy the Transaction Key as soon as you generate it. 
  • Signature Key — You do not need this code for integration with aACE.

You will enter the Login ID and Transaction Key in aACE later.

Set Up

After you have installed the aACE integration file and obtained your Authorize credentials, proceed with the following steps:

  1. In aACE, navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Preferences > Database Management.
  2. In the Integrations section, mark the flag for Payment Processing, then click the link to Open Settings.
  3. Click the Authorize.Net tab, then enter the following data:
    • Enable Authorize.Net — To link your account, mark this flag.
    • User ID — Paste in your API Login Key.
    • Transaction Key — Paste in your Transaction Key.
  4. Click Commit Updates.
  5. In the General Settings tab, set the other aACE preferences as needed.
  6. Log in to your Authorize account to deactivate Test Mode.
  7. Deactivate the default Test Mode setting.

Warning: Authorize maintains security on all new accounts by initially placing them in Test Mode. If you leave your account in this mode, transactions will be submitted successfully, but they will not be authorized and the customer credit cards will not be charged.

Completing the Setup

After the initial setup, we recommend that you run a few tests to ensure the connection is working correctly.