Payment Processing


Understanding Credit Card Processing
Information on how aACE processes credit and debit cards transactions.
Working with Test Mode to Learn About Credit Card Processing
Recommendations and steps for using tests to get more familiar with the payment processor's functionality.
Verifying Your Payment Processor Setup
Steps for testing your integration of aACE and your payment processor to confirm everything is working correctly.
Selecting a Credit Card Processor
Guidelines for picking the credit card processor that will work best for your organization.
Managing Your Credit Card Processor Fees
Guidelines and best practices for effectively managing your costs from credit card processor charges.
Overview of Other Preferences for Payment Processing
An overview of the aACE settings related to your payment processor integration.
Processing Refunds for Customer Credit Card Payments
Steps for voiding and processing partial refunds in the Receipts module.
Processing Refunds for Vendors Purchases Made on a Credit Card
Steps for processing refunds from vendors for items purchased with a credit card.