Overview of Notice Setups

Notices are messages that your aACE system delivers to your team members. Notices can be sent within aACE or through email and SMS text. Team members can send notices manually or aACE can send them automatically in response to a triggering event. For an example of how this feature can help your team, read our feature highlight.

The trigger event, message, and receiving team are coordinated by a notice setup record. System administrators can use the Notice Setups module to configure notices, such as assigning the right team to receive a notice or deactivating unneeded notices.

Note: Some notice setups interact with other aACE settings. For example, the Line Item Code Ordered notice will only be triggered if the 'Send notice when ordered' preference is marked on your line item code(s). 

Notice Setups Module Layout

Navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Notice Setups, then select a specific setup. At the detail view, you can customize a notice setup using these five sections:

1. Team

In the Setup Info section, you can specify the group of team members who will receive the notice when it is triggered. To assign a new team, click the Team field and select one of the existing teams. You can also create new teams to ensure that notices go to the correct personnel. To edit the currently assigned team, click the Team> go-to button.

Note: If a notice setup is active, but does not have a team specified (or if the specified team currently has no team members assigned to it), any notices it generates are automatically marked void and are not delivered to any of your personnel. 

2. Delivery Method

In the Setup Info section, you can specify how this notice will be delivered to team members on the assigned team. You can mark multiple flags:

  • aACE Notice — Sends the notice through your aACE system. Team members can view the message at the My Notices module.
  • Email — Sends the notice through your Mailgun integration to team members and other contacts who have a valid email address on their record.
  • SMS Email — Sends the notice through your Mailgun integration to team members and other contacts who have a valid SMS address on their record.
    Note: To set up an SMS email address, you must provide the person's phone number and their carrier's text domain. Some of the most common text domains include:
    • Verizon — 1234567890@vztext.com
    • Sprint — 1234567890@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    • AT&T — 1234567890@txt.att.net

3. Completion Details

You can use these flags to specify what happens when team members complete a notice.

Single User Completion

When this flag is marked and a team member completes a notice, aACE will mark it as complete for the entire team. When the flag is cleared, aACE will display a prompt asking whether the notice should be completed for everyone. Note: When the flag is cleared and a team member uses the Actions menu to complete notices in the list view (e.g. Mark List as Complete), aACE does not display this prompt and does not complete the notices for other team members.

aACE functionality assumes that the people who receive a notice are responsible for completing related activities. In other words, the actions should be completed before any team member marks the notice as complete. This makes it important to construct the notice team carefully — people who are less invested in a certain task may complete a notice simply to clear it off their list, while other people still need to reference it.

Allow Archiving

When this flag is marked and the number of days is specified, aACE will automatically move completed notices to an archive table after that delay. Note: The archive table is not accessible through the system interface. After a notice has been archived, it can only be recovered by an aACE developer. 

This feature is most useful for notices that are sent frequently and which are not required for an audit trail. For example, a company may receive a large volume of shipments. The Shipment Received notice may be helpful to keep the warehouse staff informed; however, after the shipment is received, the notice has served its purpose. Marking the archive flag for this notice setup can help keep the Notices module cleaned out and easier to use.

4. Notice Template

You can edit each notice template to support your business processes:

  • Notice Title — Displays in the My Notices module list view
  • Notice Message — Content of the notice
    Note: The message can include various merge fields that draw information from other modules (e.g. <<OrderID>>). Your aACE partner can customize merge fields, if needed. 

5. Notice Activation

You can deactivate or activate a notice setup using the Actions menu. This can be useful when cleaning up a backlog of notices.

Reactivating a notice setup only enables future notices to be sent. It does not generate notices for any trigger events that happened while the notice setup was deactivated.