Cleaning Up Notices

Notices enable your team to communicate easily on important tasks. You may realize after using aACE for a time that some system events generate more notices than are helpful. Often this becomes visible when large numbers of notices are left in an Incomplete status. 

aACE makes it is easy to clean up notices, which in turn helps your team focus on the priority information and activities. System administrators can clean up notices using a three-phase approach:

  1. Identify patterns in notice usage
  2. Deactivate unneeded notice setups
  3. Update the teams designated for notice setups

Identify Patterns in Notice Usage

Navigate to the Notices module, then use the Show All quick link, the Status column, and the Notice Setup column to sub-summarize the list and review your current notices.

After you identify notice setups that are generating the most traffic, it can be helpful to consult with your team members to evaluate which notices are needed for your business processes. Conferring with your colleagues can help you plan the most effective adjustments. These changes can include deactivating some automated notices, changing which team members receive a certain notice, or helping your team review the documentation in order to use notices more effectively.

Deactivate Unneeded Notice Setups 

If your team doesn't need any notifications about a certain event, you can deactivate the notice setup. This prevents aACE from sending those notices.

Update the Notice Setup

Navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Notice Setups. Use the Quick Search bar to find a Setup Name that your team doesn't need. At the detail view, click Actions > Deactivate Notice Setup > Deactivate. (Note: This does not remove the notice setup from the currently assigned team.)

Clean Up Existing Notices

After you prevent the system from creating new notices for an event, you may wish to clear out the existing notices. This can help your team members stay focused on the most important work.

Navigate from Main Menu > Internal > Notices. Use the Quick Search bar to locate all existing notices from a specific notice setup. Click Actions > Mark Notices in List as Void.

Update the Teams Designated for Notices

If useful notifications are being sent to the wrong team members, you can easily configure who receives the messages. 

Edit the Team Members on an Existing Team

Locate the team you want to edit, either through the Notice Setups module go-to link or directly through the Teams module:

  • Add a Team Member — At the Team Members listing, click on the open field at the bottom, then enter the team member's name or initials. You can also click the magnifying glass icon to search for team members.
  • Remove a Team Member — Click the Delete icon () for that line.

Edit Which Team Receives a Notice

You can easily replace the currently assigned team with a new one. Navigate from Main Menu > System Admin > Notice Setups and locate the desired notice setup. Click Edit, then click the Team field to select a new team to receive the notifications. 

Create a New Team to Receive Notices

Sometimes the best option is to create a new team record for a specific notice. This allows you to ensure the correct team members receive a certain notice. Then you can edit which team receives the notice (see above).

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