Understanding Receiving and Sending Notices

You will see the Notices icon Notice_Icon.png throughout aACE. There are two ways to access notices, each focused on different connections and actions:

  • My Notices module
  • Notices Viewer

My Notices

At the aACE main menu, click the Notices icon to display the My Notices module. 

This module shows a list of your notices. By default, only notices marked as Incomplete appear in this list.


Click on a notice to open it and view more detailed information:


  1. General Info – Includes information about when the notice was generated, by whom, when it was sent, and what record it pertains to. Note: The Issued By and Link To fields include the > icon; clicking this icon will display the pertinent record.
  2. Message – States the reason for the notice, including the action that needs to be taken.
  3. Comments – Provides a space for users to record new information about the notice.
  4. Other Recipients – Lists other users who have received the notice.

At this screen, you can also click the Actions link to mark the notice as complete, void it, or convert it to a task.

Notices Viewer

Clicking the Notices icon at a record will display the Notices Viewer, showing a list of messages pertaining to that record and providing the option to send a new notice.


  1. Quick Search bar – Allows you to search for notices pertaining to the record.
  2. List View – Displays a list of notices pertaining to the current record. To sort the list, click the column titles.
  3. Send New Notice – Lets you send a new notice about the current record to another aACE user. You can choose to send a notice to individual team members or to a group. The notice can be delivered via the aACE notice system, email, or SMS text message.

Click on a notice to open it and view more detailed information:


Note that there are some differences between a notice opened in the My Notices module and one opened in the Notices Viewer module. The Notices Viewer provides:

  1. Setup fields – Displays the team that the notice was sent to, as well as the template used for the notice (if it was generated by the system).
  2. Recipients list – Displays the team members who received the notice, the status of the notice, whether each team member completed the notice, and how each team member received the notice.
  3. Single User Completion box – Allows the notice to be completed by one user. If this box is not checked, the notice must be completed by each recipient before its status switches to Complete.