The aACE Main Menu

The Main Menu is the central navigation tool in aACE. It appears when you first enter the system and remains on the screen until you logout. Menu selections and buttons will vary with each user’s profile. 

The Main Menu uses drill-down navigation. For example, clicking the entry for CRM & Sales will display a sub-menu where you can access Companies, Contacts, Leads, and other related modules:

Additional Menu Functionality

  • aACE 5 Help — At the bottom of the main menu, this link opens a new tab in your default web browser, displaying the aACE 5 knowledge base where you can find troubleshooting tips and best practices.
  • Notices — Displays the Notices module for system-generated messages related to your work.
  • Quick Links — Displays some of the most commonly used modules (e.g. Tasks, Time Clock, Calendar).
  • Footer — Shows which user is currently logged in and which office assignment is currently in use.
    • Switching Offices — If the appropriate User Group preferences are set, you can use this footer to switch offices. Click the office initials to display the Offices Selector, then click the desired alternate office assignment.