Working with Expense Envelopes

aACE expense envelopes are where users will gather receipts for purchases to be reimbursed or to be applied to a corporate credit card. Because the workflow is very similar to that of purchase orders, expenses have been built into the Purchase Orders module. After the system administrator configures Team Member records and User Group access privileges, team members can create expense envelopes for themselves and for others.

Creating Expense Envelopes

  1. Navigate to Menu > Accts Payable > Purchase Orders.
  2. In the menu bar, click Actions > Create New Expense Envelope.
  3. Enter the needed Expense Items, as outlined by your company policies. (Besides entering items manually, you can use the Actions menu to populate items from a previous envelope or external spreadsheet.)
    • Specify the Date when the item was purchased.
      Note: This is especially important with credit card purchases because this date will be used to reconcile the credit card statement.
    • Upload receipts using the Paperclip icon ().
    • Record comments using the Notes icon ().
    • Link the item to a Job.
    • For items purchased using a corporate credit card, mark the CC flag. (Note: Items not marked as CC are assumed to be out-of-pocket expenses eligible for a reimbursement check.)
  4. Click Save, then click Submit.
  5. Fill out the Send Notice dialog and click Send.
    Use this notice to help the approver understand the expenses you're submitting. The expense envelope Tracking Status is updated to Submitted, while the record Status remains as Pending until the expense envelope is approved.

Approving Expense Envelopes

Expense approvers can easily use the notice to navigate to the expense envelope. At the Expense Envelope detail view, you can use the Actions menu to process the envelope according to company policies:

  • Approve Expense Envelope — aACE generates the applicable Purchase records, one for out-of-pocket expenses (if any) and one for credit card purchases (if any), then closes the Expense Envelope record.
  • Reject Expense Envelope — There are two options for handling rejections:
    • Reject — aACE updates the Tracking Status to Rejected, then displays the Send Notice dialog so you can provide feedback to help the team member correctly submit the envelope. 
    • Void — aACE updates the envelope Status to Void, then displays the Send Notice dialog for feedback to the team member. 

Note: Messages in the Notices module are not updated in sync with the expense envelope. When an envelope is approved or rejected, you must manually complete the related notices.

Paying Expense Envelopes

 Expense items are organized into two Purchase records: 

  • For items a team member paid for out-of-pocket, a purchase is created, payable to the team member's internal 'company'. These purchases are paid via disbursements.
  • For items purchased on corporate credit cards, the purchase is payable to the credit card company.