Downgrading Your Version of FileMaker

This guide explains how to downgrade from one version of FileMaker Pro to an earlier version. It is intended for general users.

FileMaker Pro (FMP) is a powerful tool developed by Claris. Claris continues to make improvements to FMP with ongoing updates. However, software development can be a very complex project. Some updated versions of FMP may introduce problems for your current aACE functionality. 

In such situations, your system administrator may instruct you to downgrade to a previous version of FMP.

Downgrade to a Previous Version of FMP

  1. Coordinate with your system administrator to obtain the needed files:
    1. FMP installer for the previous version of FileMaker
    2. Your company's FileMaker license certificate
      Note: If you still have the certificate on hand from the initial FMP install, you might not need a new copy of this certificate.
  2. Uninstall your current version of FMP using the process for your OS:
  3. Install the previous version of FileMaker.
    Note: Skip or defer any prompts to upgrade FMP to the latest version (unless your system administrator has instructed otherwise).
  4. Start aACE and verify that the functionality problems from the newer version of FMP are no longer affecting your system.