System Admin


Configuring the aACE Launcher
Steps for setting up the aACE Launcher.
Setting a Static IP Address on Mac OS
Steps to configure a stable, static IP address on Mac OS.
Setting Up Offsite Backups
How to set up off-site backups.
Disabling Automatic Software Updates
Steps to prevent Mac OS and PC automatic updates from interfering with aACE functionality.
Installing Windows/Mac Software Updates on Your aACE Server
Steps and best practices for updating software on your aACE server.
Installing the FileMaker Client (FM 19)
Steps for installing the FileMaker 19 client on your Mac or PC.
Installing the FileMaker Client (FM 18)
Steps for installing the FileMaker 18 client to prepare for using aACE.
Installing the FileMaker Client (FM 17)
Steps for installing the FileMaker 17 client to prepare for using aACE.
Working with the aACE Default Password
Information about where the default password is used and how it can be customized.
Creating and Hosting Prefixed Test Systems
Steps for setting up an alternate version of an aACE system for testing, development, demos, etc.
External Authentication in aACE
Information about leveraging FileMaker external authentication options for controlled and easy access.
Restarting LogMeIn on Your aACE Server
Open the LogMeIn Control Panel. Mac Option 1: Look for the LogMeIn icon on the right side of the menu bar, and select "LogMeIn Control Panel" from the drop-down menu. Mac Option 2: If LogMeIn is not displayed in the menu bar, open up t...
Troubleshooting the FMP URL Protocol
When opening the aACE Calendar under certain conditions, there is a possibility that you will receive an error message that states that the FMP URL protocol is not working. Receiving this error message means that the aACE Calendar will not be able t...