Team Members & System Users


Setting Up New Users
Steps for setting up team member records and user groups for new aACE users.
Managing a User's Status
Steps for switching a user's access between Active and Inactive.
Resetting a User's Password
Steps for reseting a team member's password to the system default.
Changing a User's Account Name
Steps for changing a user's account name.
Setting Up Teams
Steps for organizing groups of team members to receive notifications.
Managing a Team Member's Status, Office, and Department
Steps for switching team member access between Active and Inactive, and for transferring team members to different offices or departments.
Creating a Team Member's Related Company and Contact Record
Steps for creating a specific company record or contact record for your team members.
Assigning Expense Approvers to Team Members
Steps for assigning an approver for a team member's expenses.
Overview of User Groups
Information about customizing privileges and access for user groups.
Controlling Access to aACE Modules with User Groups
Steps for updating which modules a user group has access to.
Controlling Access to Transactions with User Groups
Information to help the system administrator configure which transaction records team members can see.
Understanding the 'Can Switch Offices' User Group Preference
Information to help you use the 'Can switch offices' preference effectively.
Using FileMaker Re-login to Update Settings
Explains how to quickly refresh your aACE session in order to apply updated settings.