Team Members & System Users


Creating New Users
Steps for creating new team member records and assigning them to user groups for new aACE users.
Managing a User's Status
Steps for switching a user's access between Active and Inactive.
Resetting a User's Password
Steps for reseting a team member's password to the system default.
Changing a User's Account Name
Steps for changing a user's account name.
Creating and Editing Teams
Steps for adding and modifying groups of team members.
Managing a Team Member's Status, Office, and Department
Steps for switching team member access between Active and Inactive, and for transferring team members to different offices or departments.
Creating a Team Member's Related Company Record
Steps for creating a team member's company record so you can reimburse expenses.
Assigning Expense Approvers to Team Members
Steps for assigning an approver for a team member's expenses.
Overview of User Groups
Information about customizing privileges and access for User Groups.
Controlling Access to aACE Modules with User Groups
Steps for updating which modules a user group has access to.
Controlling Access to Transactions with User Groups New
Information to help the system administrator configure which transaction records team members can see.