Line Item Codes (Items & Services)

Line item codes identify goods and services you provide. In previous versions of aACE, they were referred to as "categories".


Overview of Line Item Codes
Information about the screens for working with line item codes (previously 'categories') and tips for using these records effectively.
Assigning a Preferred Vendor to a Line Item Code
Steps to specify a preferred vendor for a line item code.
Replacing an LIC with Another of a Different Record Type
Steps for deactivating an existing line item code in order to create a new code with the correct record type.
Configuring the Deposit Line Item Code
Information on how to configure a line item code to represent deposits.
Deactivating a Line Item Code
Steps for removing references to a line item code and then deactivating it.
Working with the Auto-Update Cost Rate Feature
Best practices and steps for setting up your records to automatically update the unit costs based on recent purchasing activity.