Updated Articles

  1. Importing Updates to Your Line Item Codes

    Steps for updating information about your existing line item codes from data in a spreadsheet.
  2. Setting Up Mailgun

    Steps for configuring your aACE+ Mailgun integration, plus information and best practices.
  3. Configuring Server Backups

    Steps and guidelines for organizing backups and constraining anti-virus software on FMS19.
  4. Setting Up Offsite Backups & Anti-Virus Software

    How to set up off-site backups.
  5. Using FileMaker Re-login to Update Settings

    Explains how to quickly refresh your aACE session in order to apply updated settings.
  6. Step 7: Ongoing Customizations

    Learn how we continue working with you on your aACE solution even after Go Live.
  7. Step 6: Go-Live

    What to expect when you Go Live with aACE.
  8. Step 5: Data Migration

    Learn how your existing data can be migrated into your new aACE solution.
  9. Step 4: Customization & Testing

    Learn how we work with you to customize and test your aACE solution.
  10. Step 3: Discovery & Your Needs Assessment

    Learn more about the aACE Discovery process.