Updated Articles

  1. Exporting Records Updated

    Steps for exporting data from aACE to an Excel or FileMaker spreadsheet.
  2. Setting Up Global Payments Integrated Updated

    Information about setting up your aACE+ Global Payments Integrated (previously OpenEdge) integration during your meeting with the GPI representative.
  3. Working with Global Payments Integrated Peripherals Updated

    Steps to set up charge-processing terminals for card-present transactions.
  4. Making Inventory Adjustments

    Steps for making adjustments that affect inventory values.
  5. Troubleshooting AvaTax Errors

    Information on resolving issues with your AvaTax integration, such as discrepancies with tax amounts.
  6. Understanding Discontinued Line Item Codes

    Information about excluding line item codes from automatic inventory replenishment.
  7. Deactivating a Line Item Code

    Steps for removing references to a line item code and then deactivating it.
  8. Replacing an LIC with Another of a Different Record Type

    Steps for deactivating an existing line item code in order to create a new code with the correct record type.
  9. Overview of Line Item Codes

    Information about the screens for working with line item codes (previously 'categories') and tips for using these records effectively.
  10. Assigning a Preferred Vendor to a Line Item Code

    Steps to specify a preferred vendor for a line item code.