Updated Articles

  1. Exporting Records Updated

    Steps for exporting data from aACE to an Excel or FileMaker spreadsheet.
  2. Using Search Operators for Better Results Updated

    Tips for getting the most accurate and complete results for your searches.
  3. Printing Checks

    Steps for printing single checks and groups of checks.
  4. Overview of Other Preferences for Payment Processing

    An overview of the aACE settings related to your payment processor integration.
  5. Setting Up Global Payments Integrated

    Information and steps for setting up your aACE+ Global Payments Integrated (previously OpenEdge) integration during your meeting with the GPI representative.
  6. Configuring the aACE Job Shop App

    Information for setting up the aACE Job Shop App for your workplace.
  7. Receiving Payments from Customers

    Steps for entering customer payments from three modules: Orders, Invoices, and Receipts.
  8. Working with Invoices

    Instructions on how complete basic tasks with invoices.
  9. Processing Refunds for Customer Payments

    Steps for issuing customer refunds through the Disbursements or the Invoices module.
  10. Overview of Tax Profiles

    Information about working with tax profiles, including default rates and exceptions to those rates (such as non-taxable items).