New Articles

  1. Using FileMaker Re-login to Update Settings

    Explains how to quickly refresh your aACE session in order to apply updated settings.
  2. Step 5 — Reconciling Your Income Statement and Balance Sheet

    Explains the final step of reconciling your previous system and your aACE system beginning balances using the income statement and balance sheet.
  3. Downgrading Your Version of FileMaker

    Steps for removing a newer version of FileMaker Pro and re-installing the previous version.
  4. Step 4 — Creating Beginning Balances

    Explains how to generate a zeroing entry for your accounts, then create a single general journal entry for your beginning balance values.
  5. Step 3 — Reconciling Transactions

    Explains possible sources of discrepancies and how to resolve them.
  6. Step 2 — Migrating Transactions from a Previous System

    Warning : Before you begin this step of entering beginning balances, it is essential that you read this guide in its entirety — you must understand the process before beginning the process.  To ensure that your results will be corr...
  7. Step 1 — Preparing Your Data

    Reviews essential business operations and data, then explains four checks you need to verify in your previous system to ensure your data is ready to migrate to aACE.
  8. Overview of Entering Beginning Balances

    Introduces the purpose of entering beginning balances and lists the steps for accomplishing this effort.
  9. Understanding the FileMaker 'Save as Excel' Button

    Best practices for exporting report data to a spreadsheet.
  10. Setting Up EDI

    Explains steps for preparing your system and setting up your aACE+ EDI integration.