Creating New Users

System administrators can set up new aACE users with these two steps:

  1. Create a team member record for the user.
  2. Assign the team member to a user group.
    Note: If the required User Group does not already exist, you must prepare the User Group first.

1. Create a Team Member Record

Before creating a new record for a user, we recommend searching the existing records to make sure a team member record doesn't already exist. After a team member record is created, most users can view the Member Details tab for general info, while additional privileges are needed to view data on the Human Resources tab.

  1. Navigate to Menu > Internal > Team Members.
  2. In the menu bar, click New.
  3. On the new record, enter the team member's information:
    • The Type field does not carry any system logic. You can enter any useful grouping convention (e.g Resource, Contractors, Freelancers, Part Time, Full Time, Mobile App Users, etc).
    • The Office and Department assignment control which records this team member will be able to view.
    • Timesheet Line Item Codes allow you to specify which labor codes will display when this team member fills out a timesheet. You can also mark one of these codes as the default. Other labor codes can be entered manually.
    • Timesheet Approver lets you designate who will be notified that this team member has submitted a timesheet for approval.
    • Days for Automatic Timesheet Creation — Marking the flags for these days instructs aACE to not automatically generate a timesheet. Note: Team members can still manually create timesheets on any day of the week.
  4. On the Human Resources tab, enter details for compensation, home address, and printable signature (if needed). 
    • You can record the Multiplier here — a number that payroll companies often provide for use with the Pay Rate to calculate the Bill Rate (i.e. the rate that includes salary, wages, benefits, taxes, and charges for any other services the payroll company is providing).
    • You can also mark the flag to identify a team member as a freelancer.
  5. Click Save.
  6. At the confirmation dialog, click Activate.
    Note: To keep the team member record in Pending status, click Not Yet.

2. Assign the Team Member to a User Group

aACE uses a security model where user groups are granted privileges, then team members are assigned to those groups.

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Admin > User Groups.
  2. Locate the user group that the team member will belong to and navigate to the detail view.
  3. Click the Team Members tab, then click the Search icon () above the list.
  4. At the Team Members Selector, locate the team member in the Members list on the left, then click their name.
    The team member is moved to the Selected Members list.
  5. Click Save.
  6. At the Team Members list again, verify that newly assigned team member has the User flag marked.
  7. Optionally, you can click the Edit link in the menu bar and modify the Account Name that the user will enter when logging into aACE.