Creating and Editing Teams

After you create team member records in your system, you can group them into teams. Usually this is done according to who needs to receive internal notices. Your aACE system includes several default teams (e.g. Human Resources, A/R, A/P, etc), but you can create customized teams. 

Create a New Team

  1. Navigate to Internal > Teams.
  2. In the list view menu bar, click New.
  3. On the new team record, enter the needed information:
    • Team - Type the name for this group.
    • Team Members - Click the field to select personnel one at a time or click the Search icon () to add multiple personnel at once.
  4. Click Save.
  5. At the confirmation dialog, click Activate.
    Note: To keep the new team in Pending status, click Not Yet.

Edit an Existing Team

  1. Navigate to Internal > Teams.
  2. At the list view, click the team you want to update.
  3. On the detail view menu bar, click Edit.
  4. Edit the team as needed:
    • Add new team members by clicking in an empty line and selecting the correct personnel.
    • Replace an existing team member by clicking the Magnifier icon () for that line, then selecting the new personnel.
    • Remove an existing team member by clicking the Delete icon () for that line.
  5. Click Save.

Menu Bar Commands for Teams

In addition to updating individuals assigned to a team, you can use commands on the menu bar to change the entire team:

  • To remove a team, click Delete.
  • To copy the current team to use as the starting point for another team, click Actions > Duplicate Team.
  • To prevent a team from being selected for use in new Notice Setups, click Actions > Deactivate Team.
    Note: The personnel on a deactivated team will continue to receive notices from current Notice Setups still assigned to that team.

Team and Notices

After you create teams, you can assign them to Notice Setups for various system events.