Creating a Team Member's Related Company Record

For reimbursing expenses or paying commissions to your team members, you must link that team member to a related Company record for disbursements. If the related Company record already exists, you can manually link it to a Team Member by clicking the Human Resources tab, clicking Edit, then clicking the Company field and selecting the desired company. (Note: You can also manually link a Contact record this way.) 

If the related Company record does not already exist, you can create and link a new Company record:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Internal > Team Members., then locate the team member.
  2. In the detail view menu bar, click Actions > Create Related Company.
  3. At the company record confirmation dialog, click OK.
    Note: A confirmation dialog also appears about a related Contact record. You can click OK to create that record now, or cancel the process and create it later, using the Actions menu in this module.

After you create the team member's Company record:

  • It is linked to the Team Member record — changes to the Team Member record will automatically sync to the related Company record.
  • The Company record is by default flagged on the Customer Details tab as "Restricted Access". This prevents the company from displaying for certain User Groups, streamlining the selection lists (e.g. for sales orders). To adjust which users can see Company records that are related to team members, you can:
    • Clear the Restricted Access flag on a specific company record.
    • Move a user into (or out of) a User Group which has Access Privileges > Companies > No Restricted Access Constraint.