Accessing aACE Without a Launcher Using FileMaker 17+


For successfully working with this guide, you should:

  • Have FileMaker installed on your computer.
  • Verify with your system administrator which version of FileMaker your organization is using.
  • Ask your system administrator for the host IP address or domain needed for the Network File Path.

Using Hosted Access in FileMaker 17-19

At times you may not be able to directly access aACE, such as: 

  • When you do not have access to an aACE launcher
  • When your server does not have a valid SSL security certificate installed

In these kinds of situations, use the following steps to login using hosted access in FileMaker 17 and later:

  1. Click the Finder, then select Applications and open the FileMaker folder.

  2. Double-click the FileMaker launcher.

  3. In FileMaker, select File > Hosts > Show Hosts… .

  4. On the Launch Center's tab for Hosts, click the Plus icon to add a host.

  5. At the dialog, enter the domain and host name provided by your system administrator.
    Note: The usual filename for an aACE 4 solution is "aACE" while an aACE 5 solution is "aACEv5v0".

  6. Click Save.
    The aACE launch icon displays in your Hosts dialog.

  7. Double-click the aACE launch icon and continue logging in to aACE.

Note: If your computer displays an error message about verifying the identity of your aACE network file path: 

  1. Mark the flag for “Always permit connection to this host.”
  2. Click Connect.