Understanding Discontinued Items

The Discontinued flag for an inventoried line item code allows you to remove the item from the automatic inventory replenishment processes. This means that if the item would normally be put on backorder, aACE instead displays a message explaining that this is not allowed. The order that would require the backordered units cannot be opened until the ordered quantity is reduced or the Discontinued flag is cleared.

When the Discontinued flag is marked, team members can continue to manually purchase additional units and to sell On Hand units. However, when the final shipping record is marked as Shipped and the On Hand inventory balance for the item reaches zero, the LIC record is automatically deactivated (assuming that all other references required for deactivating a line item code have been removed).

If an item that has been discontinued is returned by a customer, aACE automatically reactivates the LIC record, but keeps the Discontinued flag sitll marked. The returned item can be included on sales orders. When subsequent sales orders reduce the inventory balance to zero again, the LIC record is automatically deactivated again.