Processing Customer Returns

Note: Be sure to review your company policies for handling returns.

Standard Return and Replacement Functionality

When a customer contacts your customer service representative about a return, the rep locates the original order, creates a Return Shipment record, prepares a Return Material Authorization form (Shipment > Print > Print RMA), and sends it out. When the returned product is received at your warehouse, your team members use the RMA to locate the Return Shipment record in aACE and mark it as received. aACE's default assumption is that returned products will be replaced. The system auto-generates another outgoing shipment record that your team can use to send the replacement product back to the customer.

The three stages of this standard process are summarized in this workflow:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Order Management > Orders.
  2. Use the Quick Search bar to locate the original order.
  3. Click Management tab > Shipping tab > Plus () > Return Shipment.
  4. At the Shipping Log module, verify that the incoming return shipment shows only the items and quantities being returned.
    Note: Remove other items from the Packing List by clicking the Delete icon () for that line.
  5. Click Save and Yes to mark the return shipment as received.
    Note: aACE automatically generates a new outgoing shipment for the product and quantity that was returned.
  6. From the Orders module Shipping tab, process the outgoing replacement shipment.

Modifying an Order to Prevent a Replacement Shipment

If you are not replacing the returned product, you must manually update the original order before receiving the return shipment. Adjust the item quantity in the original order to the number of units your customer is keeping

For example, suppose you originally delivered 25 units, then the customer returned 5 units they didn't want to have replaced. They would still be in receipt of 20 units. You would adjust the original order's item quantity from 25 to 20. Similarly, if the customer were to return all 25 units, you would change the original order quantity to zero.

  1. As described above, navigate to the Orders module and locate the original order.
    Note: If the order is closed, re-open it (Actions > Open Order > Open).
  2. Click Edit and adjust the order item's quantities to reflect the number of units the customer is keeping.
  3. At the warning dialog, click No to keep the adjusted quantity.
  4. Click Save
  5. Continue with creating and processing the return shipment, as described above.

After you process the return shipment, aACE will not generate a new outgoing shipment. You will need to manually close the order (Actions > Close Order). You may also need to process a refund for the return.

Preventing Replacement Shipments

If your standard company policy on returns is to not replace the returned product, your system administrator can prevent aACE from automatically generating replacement shipments by setting a shipping preference. When you mark the flag for 'Returns reduce order item quantity', aACE automatically opens the original order record and updates the quantity to match the units the customer is keeping. No replacement shipment will be created.

You will still process the return shipment as described above and manually close the order (Actions > Close Order). You may also need to process a refund for the return.

Manually Processing a Replacement Shipment

If your standard policy is to not replace returned products, but a situation arises where a replacement is needed:

  1. Locate the original order record (which aACE will have automatically changed to account for the return).
  2. Manually update the order by increasing the item quantity to reflect the units you are replacing.
    Note: aACE automatically generates a new shipping record for this outgoing product. 
  3. Process the outgoing shipment as normal.