COGS, Accrued Inventory, and Labor


Understanding the Relationship Among Inventory Lots, Usage, & Transactions
Information to help understand how inventory lot, usage, and transaction records affect your aACE system.
Understanding the COGS Reconciliation Process
Information on how aACE allocates inventory usage to inventory lots in order to calculate the costs of goods sold.
Understanding Accrued Inventory
Explanation of how the accrued inventory processes track the quantities ordered, received, and purchased.
Understanding Unallocated Inventory Usage
Information about what unallocated inventory usage means for your business and how to identify it.
Using Inventory Adjustments to Resolve Unallocated Inventory Usage
Steps for finding and correcting inventory usage records that are open and unallocated.
Understanding the Inventory Give-Back Loop
Information about how the COGS engine uses multiple iterations to allocate inventory usage to inventory lots.
Understanding the Accrued COGS Reconciliation Process
Explanation of how accrued COGS benefits your financial oversight, how to set it up, and how to manually run the process.