Changing the Record Type for a Line Item Code

Note: If you've upgraded from aACE 4, please note that "categories" are now referred to as "line item codes".


To update or correct a record type for a line item code (LIC), you must create a new LIC. This is because complex logic is associated with each record type, so once the record type is set, it cannot be edited or changed. Creating a new LIC allows users to continue using the old LIC without disrupting their workflow.

Before creating the new record, you must deactivate the previous LIC:

  1. Navigate to Order Setup > Line Item Codes.
  2. Select the line item code you want to replace, then click Edit.
  3. Change the original line item code, adding the prefix "X-" to the code (ex: TXT-Shkspr01 would become X-TXT-Shkspr01).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Actions > Deactivate Line Item Code.
    Note: Orders in progress can still use the deactivated line item code; however, new orders and accounting transactions not related to an existing order will not be able to use the deactivated line item code.
  6. At the confirmation message, click Deactivate.